Happy Holidays...no matter what the holiday. Celebrate by showing off your best holiday. 

​THE NAME Paper Surfaces, stemmed from the idea that all ideas that start in the mind can become something amazing when it’s put into acton.

THE CONCEPT of Paper Surfaces was to show how the process of creating a client’s project, no matter what it was, seemed to always come out better when it was written down and became their first real visual. Whether writing your content or sketching a design, it flowed best with the client speaking aloud their idea and the artist or writer inscribing it on something physical {like a piece of paper, a computer, a napkin or whatever you have on hand at the time...yes, including your hand}. It didn’t make a difference if the client and the inscriber were the same person, two different people, or a whole crew, the concept has always worked out the same, get the idea out of your head and onto a medium that others can see, follow and implement.

THE LOGO design of Paper Surfaces was developed through the love of nature and the principle elements that create the beautiful environment we call Earth. If you look hard enough, the logo hosts the elements of fire, wind, water, and earth. When used individually or in any combination, these elements have been used to scribe and implement ideas from the beginning of time, and will continue to be used hereafter to write life's history.

THE BRANDING CONCEPT that is Paper Surfaces started a graphic tee company that is able to provide pre-made graphics or conceptualize your ideas onto t-shirts, hats, hoodies and other articles of clothing. We will be looking to develop more products and ideas to expand into a company that will provide all your needs to create your next amazing idea and represent your next event.

What makes us stand out? We are able to work with you (almost on a personal-artist-type level) on developing your ideas. You can choose from our posted designs or contact us so we can help personalize your ideas.

Just remember…

It all starts with an idea…. Now, imagine what’s next. 

Personalize your tees by creating your very own design or by picking from any of our designs. You even have the option to change the text of that design. So, what do you want to say?

About Us 

Have that AWESOME business that you want to PROMOTE? Well let us help you get it out there. Get your logo out there for everyone to see.

Bring your sport teams to life. Look professional or add some whimsical art. Let's play!

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